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I completed Donna’s two-part combined Reiki 1 and 2 class long-distance, from another state. I could not tune into the first installment at all, so Donna made sure to video the entire session so that I could catch up prior to the second installment. She also emailed me the accompanying manual so that I could follow along with no confusion.

When it came time for the second installment, Donna FaceTimed me, and it was so much fun to feel as if I was really in her living room with her and my fellow students! She made sure to address me directly every now and again and make sure I didn’t have questions or to ask if I may have a thought to contribute. The fact I was long-distance actually worked very well when it came time to practice distance healing on classmates.   

I would definitely complete another of Donna’s classes long-distance as well as recommend others to give that route a shot: No excuses!  


I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Donna and Sophia for playing a large part in guiding me to a higher state of awareness. The guided tree meditation has given me the knowledge and power to remain grounded everyday. While I did not realize the importance of groundedness initially, I have come to a greater understanding of its utmost importance with its daily evidence of a deeper awakening! The ”Managing your Energy” course has given me the ability to be empowered and not fall victim to the energy of the people around me, which has virtually eradicated my anxiety and depression. The protection techniques, maintenance, and repair of energy was most helpful. I would highly recommend Reiki therapy with Donna and Sophia to guide you toward the most direct path to higher awakening.

Deanna S.

I've taken Donna Lakes' classes on Intuition and Managing one's energy.  I thought both classes were excellent and left me with a lot of knew knowledge. This was great because I do a lot of reading on these topics and have taken other courses from other teachers, and I don't always walk away with a decent amount of new material.

I've also had two healing sessions for myself from Donna, and I found them to be life changing.  She helped me work through some issues that were holding me back from moving forward and she was able to zone in on my health issues and direct me on what to do.  (I'd been trying to figure it out for the last 15 years!!!)

I took my 9 year old son to see her for issues with depression, anxiety, lack of attention, and impulsive tendencies.  We have gone done just about every road over the last several years to try and help him. I will forever be grateful for taking him to Donna.  I was able to learn what is going on with him on a deeper level emotionally, along with ways of how to help him and soooo much more. He actually told me afterwards that he felt he had one of the best experiences of his life from the hour of healing.  Even later that evening he teared up and said he was crying his first tears of joy.  Donna  I can't recommend her enough!

*Everyone has their own unique experiences, no medical guarantees.

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