Katie Sass

Katie is a nature loving, water seeking, moved by music, Intuitive Reiki Healer at The Ascension Healing Arts Center.  She is an Assistant teacher for the Healer Program and helps out any way she can at the center.  Since, as far back as she can recall, Katie has felt called to help others feel lighter in life and has done her best to continue to do so throughout the years.

It was through her first healing with Donna Lakes that Katie realized the power of energy healing and how quickly, with work put in, can help one move through pain and deep obstacles and help make life easier. It quickly became clear, that Katie wanted to learn all she could on the process of energy healing, to heal herself, and help others to do the same.

Teacher at Ascension Healing Arts Center for Donna Lakes Healer program
Healer at Ascension Healing Arts Center
Head of children’s programs at Ascension Healing Arts Center

Healings/ Skills:

  • Self-esteem coach for adolescents, and adults
  • Self-development coach
  • Intuitive Healer
  • Reiki Healer
  • Ascension Healer
  • Inner Child Healings
  • Dismantling Beliefs
  • Rewiring Beliefs
  • Psychic
  • Integration Healing
  • Forgiveness Healings
  • Spiritual Life Coach



  • Graduate of Eastern Michigan University 1999
  • Communications and Psychology
  • Graduate of Donna Lakes Healer Program
  • Teacher: Self-Empowerment to children of various ages.
  • Worked with emotionally impaired adolescents of Livingston County Mental Health


  • $85.00 Healing 60m ($65.00 for students in program)
  • $50.00 Healing 30m ($40.00 for students in program)
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