Janice Gates

Janice Gates

Janice enjoys reading anything soulful and metaphysical. Her journey to healing began with Donna 11 years ago at a time when she didn’t know what it meant to be empathic, often questioning why friends, family, and colleagues sought her counsel.

Janice came into the practice of healing after a session with Donna where she learned about the practice of healing, chakra alignment, meditation, and how our beliefs impact our energetic signature. After attending a summer solstice gathering she decided to learn more about her abilities and the process of energy healing. As a Black Queer woman, she has worked to overcome her feelings of isolation, depression, and anxiety.

Among many other things, Janice is a traveler, a proud aunt to many nieces and nephews, an Oprah’s Soul Sunday listener, a former marathoner, and a yogi in training.

Janice is a graduate of Donna Lakes Healer Program, where she learned how to identify and disprove beliefs, heal the inner child, integrate all parts of the client, and move through the ascension process.

As a student teacher, she works with students they move through the program and the ascension process by providing them with support, encouragement,  opportunities to practice and help in understanding their growing abilities.

Janice is primarily interested in:

  • Helping those who identify as LGBTQI and beyond feel more grounded, connected, loved and nurtured

  • Helping adults work through childhood trauma and abuse

  • Working with children and teenagers to overcome depression, anxiety, and bullying

  • Working with professionals like EMTs, police, doctors, nurses, and those who work to advance social justice issues and movements protect and manage their energy

Healings/ Skills:

  • Self-development coach

  • Intuitive Healer

  • Reiki Healer

  • Ascension Healing

  • Psychic Readings

  • Inner Child Healings

  • Dismantling Beliefs

  • Rewiring Beliefs

  • Trauma Healings

  • Integration Healing

  • Forgiveness Healings

  • Spiritual Life Coaching



  • Graduate of Donna Lakes Healer Program

  • Certified Self Defense Instructor, Rape Aggression Defense Systems – 2017

  • B.A., Communications, University of Michigan-Dearborn, Dearborn, MI

  • B.S., Business Administration University of Detroit-Mercy Detroit, MI


  • $80 Healing 1hr (in person/long distance)

  • $60 Readings 1hr (in person/long distance)

  • $40 Readings 30min (in person/long distance)

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