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Psychic Reading

Angel Reading

Our Physic readings will use spiritual senses to communicate with the Divine to retrieve advice and information for those in need of direction or answers.

Clairvoyant Reading

A psychic will use their gift to communicate with the angelic realm to receive and interpret information for the client.

Energy Reading

An energy expert will tune into and connect with your energy, with or without touch (depending on the client and the healer) and interpret your energy field and receive information from the past, present and/or future.


This is known as object reading. The psychic will ask for an object and interpret the information they receive from the energy of the object, usually a ring or keys etc but any object will hold the residual vibration of energy. The psychic will use their gift to connect with this energy and interpret the information the object is holding.


Our expert will channel the spirit to lead you to a new level of healing.

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